New investment of Euro - metal: An industrial hall of 5.500 m2 is being built

New investment of Euro - metal: An industrial hall of 5.500 m2 is being built

As has been announced, Euro - metals continue their investment cycle this year as well. The construction of the new facility followed after last year's purchase of the Slovenian Mersteel in BiH, and the installation of new metalworking machines in the first half of this year.

One part of the building is planned as a storage area, while the other part will be intended for installing additional modern metal processing machines, which will round up investments in this new business segment.

"We are confident that this investment will consolidate our market leadership position. Our goal is to raise the level of customer service to a much higher level, or to enable them to choose the degree of metal processing that they buy from us. In today's dynamic environment, when a large part of our customers work for companies from the West, deadlines are very important and often crucial for getting a project. In Euro - metals, we recognized the challenges our customers face. For this reason, we are ready to go a step further in the supply chain, and this way leaves our customers with more space and resources so that they can all deal better with their basic business, "said Jasmin Subašić, the director of EuroMetals.

Euro - metals d.o.o. Doboj Jug is the daughter company of Hifa Oil. Euro - metals are the leading distributor of products and intermediate products of ferrous and non - ferrous metallurgy in B & H, and are based on assortments: sheet metal, pipes, bar steel (square, round, flat), carriers, angular profiles, special steel. Currently, they operate in three sales outlets: Doboj Jug with headquarters and central warehouse, Sarajevo - Rajlovac and Mostar.

Last year's purchase of a part of the Slovenian Mersteel in B & H, Euro - metals received the highest quality facility in South - East Europe when it comes to this branch. The total area of the warehouse is 7000 m2, and its largest part is robotized and automated, representing the last word of technology, which made this company enter a higher level of business, which enables them to be "shoulder to shoulder" with renowned European steel centers.