Sheet Metal

Cold-rolled sheet metal (HVL)

Cold-rolled sheets are obtained by the cold-rolling process from platinum obtained by pre-warming reduction of the thickness from slabs to smaller thicknesses, which are suitable for cold-rolled sheets to be obtained by cold rolling. Another way of obtaining HVL is from cold-rolled strips (castors) produced by the cold rolling process.

Suitable for welding and application of coatings (painting, varnishing, laminating). They are used in the automobile industry, in the production of white goods, in the metal industry, in the production of packaging, etc.

The most commonly used is the quality of the DC01Am, and the standard formats of the boards are: 1000x2000,1250x2500 and 1500x3000mm (thickness 0.50-3.00mm).


Hot-rolled sheet metal (TVL)

Hot-rolled sheet metals are obtained by rolling preheated slabs at high temperatures or from coils. The thickness reduction takes place on several rolling times until the desired dimension is obtained. The application of hot plates is very wide. They are intended for further processing by cold forming, and are directly used in the tube industry, for making profiles, packaging ...

Application is found in various segments of industry and construction: in the machinery industry, vehicles, construction, shipbuilding, production of industrial equipment, metalworking ...

The quality of S235JR and S355JR is most commonly applied.

Standard formats are: 1000x2000, 1250x2500,1500x3000 and 1500x6000mm.

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Hot-rolled ribbed sheets

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Galvanized sheet metal

Galvanized tapes and sheets are obtained from previously obtained cold-rolled strips, which are then hot galvanized by galvanic process. Due to their high corrosion resistance they have wide application in various industrial branches. They are used in construction for building elements for roofs and facades, panels for walls and roofs, in air conditioning for ventilation ducts and air conditioners, in the automobile industry, the agricultural machinery industry, for the production of silos, various parts of white goods, etc. The most commonly used is the quality of the Dx51D + Z100 to Z275, and the standard formats are: 1000x2000,1250x2500 and 1500x3000mm (thickness 0.50-3.00mm).

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Aluminum sheets

Aluminum strips and sheets have a wide application in the metalworking industry, construction industry, packaging industry, etc.

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Wear resistant sheets (Hardox®, Raex®)

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