The rest

1. Handrails, guides, wheels

ostalo1[1].jpg - Ostalo

2. Forged (engraved) program

- Steel / engraved pipes

gravirani[1].jpg - Ostalo

- Forged / engraved square steel (firkant)

firkant[1].jpg - Ostalo

-Forged / engraved flat steel (flahayz)

flahajz[1].jpg - Ostalo

- Forged elements

kovani[1].jpg - Ostalo
kovani2[1].jpg - Ostalo

3. Wavy knitting

talasato[1].jpg - Ostalo

4. Panel fence

panel[1].jpg - Ostalo

5. Welding accessories

In our sales outlets we offer electrodes and wire for welding, as well as other welding accessories (appliances, masks, nozzles, nozzles ...)

6. Cutting and grinding material

In our sales outlets we offer high quality cutting and grinding wheels PFERD, as well as other consumables.